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How to update a Chromecast forcibly?

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Chromecast is considered the cheapest media streaming stick in the market. Though it has gone through tough competition still google is helping it along with great deals on it. To increase the sales, google always keeps on announcing a new update for Chromecast OS so as to keep the customers interested towards its product.

It always tries to satisfy the customer desires by bringing new updates in OS. For hardware improvement, you need to buy a new hardware but there is no as such obligation for software. You can perform an update on existing device. You can’t even decline or defer an incoming update. However, the update may fail to load or can fail in mid-way. No solution to this problem has been disclosed by Google so far but the amazing thing is that you can force update your Chromecast Comsetup.

All you have to do is ‘Run a simple terminal command’.

Start your Chromecast: You must ensure that the Chromecast is turned on. It must be connected to the same network to which your computer is connected. If you are using any VPN on your computer, then disable it for a while. We recommend you to check for the update if available from the Chromecast option. If an update is available, you will find that Chromecast will start updating the OS forcibly.

Locate the Chromecast IP address: The next step to force update the Chromecast OS version is ‘locating the IP address’ of your device. This is very simple. Just go to ‘Google home’ followed app from Android or iPhone. Open devices and click on the button engrossed on the top of the screen. Now, scroll down to go to the last option. Here you will find an option related to Mac address of your Chromecast, IP address and current OS version installed in the device. For any kind of support or information, you can go to Chromecast support link from the computer browser and call technical support agents.

From windows: If you are using windows OS, then open the PowerShell from the box in the windows 10. In previous Windows versions, you need to download the power shell and install it. Open this and copy the IP address and paste it in the opened window. Don’t forget to cross-check the IP address of your Chromecast.

Mac and Linux

For Mac and Linux OS, the same command will work. You are required to have IP address in your hand while opening the commands. You can check the IP address from the Google homepage. Open a terminal and paste the code mentioned here as under:

curl-xpost-H “Content-type: application/json. Replace with Chromecast IP address of your Chromecast. Once you run these commands, you will find your Chromecast entered into the update mode. You can check the progress in an update from the screen and how much downloaded is completed can be checked from the screen. Once updated, click to download and install. The OS update is normally small in size so it hardly takes 10 minutes for updating.

If your device is not getting properly charged, you can lodge a complaint at customer support mail ID or call directly to the number to talk to the experts.

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