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How to use Chromecast for casting the content to Cloud services?


Cloud service is one that facilitates the casting of content to multiple browser tabs, desktop, with Google Hangouts contacts and other Education receiver apps. To enable this sharing, you need to login to your Chromecast account. After you have opened your account, click on Sync to sync all your data to Google account. Syncing the data to Google account will allow you to share that data with any other device. It will start showing up the services you can share with recently active Hangout users, other users scheduled with your calendar and casting to other education receivers that are included in your classroom projector.

Go through the bellow mentioned steps to enable the casting of content from Chromecast to Cloud services including Hangouts and Education receivers.

  1. Check if you have a Chrome browser running on your device. If not then download it.
  2. Look if you are using the most recent version of that Chrome browser.
  3. Click on Login to your Chrome browser.
  4. Add a cast button with your Chrome toolbar. To do this click on the setting menu and click on Cast. Also, click on “Always show icon” to make the cast button available all the time.
  5. Verify if your Laptop or computer are using the same wireless network to which your Chromecast is connected.
  6. Go to the cast button that you added to the Chrome toolbar. Right-click on it and choose the option to enable cloud services. Make sure a tick mark appear in front of the option to Enable Cloud Services.
  7. So now once the service is activated you can enjoy casting the content to the included cloud services.
  8. Similarly, you can unclick on the option for “Enable Cloud Services” to disable the cloud services. Also, check there is no tick mark in front of that option to ensure that the Cloud Services are disabled.

If you are a new Chromecast user, then you should go through the following guide for casting the content to Google services:

  1. To view the available Hangout contacts for casting, you should schedule the participants on your Google Calendar. If you are using a google app, then you can find the contact by manually typing in that Hangout name in the search text box. Once you locate that Hangout name, click on the option to Add it.
  2. To view the available Education receivers from your Chrome browser, you should download and install an app for Cast Education receiver or try casting to an existing receiver.
  3. To start Casting the content from Chrome browser with any Hangout participant or an Education receiver:
  • Click on the Cast button present on the tool bar of your Chrome browser.
  • You can also find the option for Cast under the Chrome Tools menu available at the upper-right side of the home page of Chrome browser.

So this way you can share the Chomecast content with Google services like Hangouts and Education receivers who are a part of your classroom projector. You can also get more Chromecast help steps for resolving all the future concerns related to Chromecast.