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How To Use Chromecast Media Player With BBC Iplayer?

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Is the Chromecast app already installed on BBC iplayer? If yes, then you can control your BBC programs on Chromecast device by using the below mentioned ways:

  • The BBC Android app for iplayer.
  • BBC media player android app for controlling the BBC iplayer app.
  • The BBC iplayer iOS app.
  • You can play content through desktop or laptop browser.

Casting through BBC player

When you cast any content from the BBC player, the information will first send to the Wi-Fi network, then from here, it will be sent to Chromecast dongle that is connected to the TV. This will fetch the program directly from the player and start casting content on the screen.

As you know that the content streamed through Android or iOS device will be cast on the TV screen directly, so you can continue browsing the stuff from the computer or device screen without any problem. You don’t need to stop casting for browsing other stuff. If you want, you can disconnect from the app.

Can downloaded programs be cast or not?

As Chromecast fetches the program directly from the player, so downloads are not at all supported by the player. If you try playing the downloaded content, then the player will automatically start streaming through the internet.

How to cast from BBC player app?

To cast content from BBC iplayer app, you need to connect the app to the same wifi network to which your Chromecast dongle is connected.

You must ensure that latest version of BBC iplayer app is installed in your device. If you are casting through media player, then check the latest version of OS if available for your BBC media player.

Once your device gets detected by the app, you will get the cast icon on the screen. Click to start casting the content.

  • You will find the cast icon turn blue when your Chromecast is connected to app automatically.
  • You will find the cast icon under ‘Programme’ page.
  • Chromecast will be connected to iplayer and start playback.

How to cast from a desktop or laptop browser?

  • Your desktop and computer must be connected to the same network on which your Chromecast media player is connected.
  • You must check that Chromecast extension is installed in the chrome browser of your laptop or computer.
  • Tap on any program from the BBC TV channels. If you don’t find any channel, you can go to help section from link.
  • Once you click on ‘Start program’. The cast icon will appear automatically on the screen.
  • The quality which you are getting on the Chromecast screen depends on the type of broadband connection you have subscribed. If you have subscribed to the limited plan, then the quality at some point of time may deteriorate but if you have an unlimited plan at home, then you can enjoy Full HD quality without any interruption.

How to control playback?

You can control the playback functions from the app or from the browser itself. If you have closed the navigation menu, then you can bring it back from the cast icon. Click on ‘cast controls’ under the cast.


Though the subtitles as of now are supported only on black and white Chromecast models but you can expect in near future on other models as well.

Audio description

There are some users who are getting the problem with the audio in the programs. The company is working hard to fix this issue at the earliest. If you want to use Audio description, then must use the browser version of iplayer.

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