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How To Use Twitch On TV With Chromecast?

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Twitch users can enjoy the app directly on a TV with the use of Chromecast. By means of screen mirroring, the cell phone functions as a complementary display, which offers a number of features. This way, you can capture clips and chat with other chat participants.

In addition, the user can also configure the quality of the video displayed on the smart TV. Check out what to do next to watch Twitch streaming on the phone and on the TV to enjoy your favorite games on the big screen.

Step 1: With the application open, you must, first of all, connect it to your Chromecast. You can use this same method to connect Twitch to televisions that support functionality. Just touch the icon and select the device on which you want to mirror the streaming.

Step 2: With the app connected to Twitch, you will notice on your TV screen a warning that you can already use the application on your phone to find the streaming you want to watch.

Step 3: Open the search menu as shown in the image. Twitch has a fairly complete search tool: you can search by category, category, simply filter live content, or even search for users. In this example, we use the term “Sekiro” to search for broadcasts of the newly released game.

Step 4: In this other example, we filter results specifically related to games being streamed live at the moment. You can also choose the filter by categories to facilitate your searches if you want some genre of games instead of specific titles.

Step 5: When choosing an option, Chromecast should immediately start displaying the content on the screen.

Step 6: In the cell phone, you have a second screen that complements the transmission with forms of interaction with the channel and the streamer. You can join the chat, decide to follow the channel and set image quality settings.

Step 7: In the settings, you can choose the quality of the transmission, which is very useful if you notice that your connection has difficulty maintaining the streaming with good quality and stability. If you make changes, do not forget to confirm them by touching “Apply”.

Step 8: Another interesting feature of the Twitch app is the ability to generate small clips from the streaming you are watching. Tap the button that represents a movie clapboard and the application will generate a clip that you can share. If you like the channel and decide to become a follower of the streamer, simply use the heart button to follow it and thus receive notifications and easy access to the broadcasts.

Now that you know the features of the Twitch app, you should definitely get this app on your Google Chromecast.

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