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Is It Worth Changing From First-Generation Chromecast To The Second-Generation Chromecast?

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It has been more than five years since the launch of first generation Chromecast and over two years since the launch of second-generation Chromecast. When second-generation Chromecast was launched, many experts were believing that people will move on from first generation Chromecast to the second generation, but that didn’t happen. Some people are still using first generation Chromecast because they find it relevant and sufficient for their day-to-day entertainment needs.

However, Chromecast 2 is a lot better than the first generation Chromecast in terms of features and overall performance. So, if you are using Chromecast 1st Generation and searching for reasons as to why you should move to the 2nd Generation Chromecast, then here are those reasons.

Renewed Design

The main change from one generation to another is undoubtedly the design. The first version of Chromecast looks a lot like a pen drive. The second version is reminiscent of a hockey puck.

The HDMI cable, which plugs into the TV, is flexible and magnetically fits into the back of the Chromecast 2, making transport easy.

If you already have Chromecast 1 and you’ve never encountered any problems connecting it to your TV, the design of the new version is not a justification for changing equipment. However, if your TV is in a position that makes it difficult to install the first generation, the round model may be a good choice.

More antennas and better connectivity

If from the outside the changes are easily noticeable, inside the new Chromecast did not bring great news. The internal components in the hardware are almost the same as the first dongle and the difference is that now the device has three separate antennas, which improves the stability of the connection.

Chromecast 2 is also dual-band, meaning it can work on both 2.4 GHz frequency and 5 GHz networks. In addition, the Google electronic is compatible with the standard 802.11ac Wi-Fi networks, which is faster and has a higher throughput.

A special algorithm controls the use of antennas and decides what the best frequency is for the moment, depending on several factors. This ensures that streaming and screen mirroring occurs without lags, delays or crashes. Thus, the content transmission will always be fluid and uninterrupted.

Although improvements have been made at this point, the first-generation Chromecast still performs connectivity functions very satisfactorily. There may be a delay of 1 or 2 seconds when starting an application or starting streaming, but it is nothing that totally undermines the user experience.


The first Chromecast was launched in Brazil with an initial price of $35. Two years later, the improved version came in, but the company kept the price same. Considering that the first version of the dongle still works perfectly, the investment in the exchange of the appliances may not be worth it.

Who is Chromecast 2 for?

If you have not purchased any Chromecast yet and found interesting the possibilities that the small device offers, the purchase can bring advantages. Even considering future upgrades, the second generation will probably last two years without presenting any kind of problem.

However, by purchasing the first version of Chromecast now, after the arrival of the new model, the dongle will soon be obsolete and you will have to make an investment to upgrade the device.

So, if you already have Chromecast 1st Generation, continue with that one and save your money. However, if you do not have any Google media center yet and want to enjoy all the features, second-generation Chromecast is a choice.

Now that Chromecast 3 has also been in the market for the past 3 months, we have not discussed it because it has nothing new to offer compared to what Chromecast 2 has. Chromecast Ultra is a much better device, but it is expensive at the same time as well.

People who are still using first generation Chromecast can take a look at second generation Chromecast if they are not getting the features that they were looking for in a streaming device. Chromecast 2 is better than Chromecast 1, but let’s just discuss the valid reasons to make the change.

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