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Mirroring Your Games On Chromecast From Mobile Devices

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There are many Chromecast compatible apps for Android and iOS. Because of this, some handset owners actually run games through this gadget and enjoy the graphics and audio on the TV with screen mirroring.

However, while it’s good, mirroring does not exploit all Chromecast possibilities. To achieve this, you must use your Android or iOS devices as a game controller, combined with viewing on the TV. In addition, if you still do not know how this works, this tutorial shows everything.

What are the requirements to play on Chromecast from a mobile device?

Before you can mirror games on Chromecast from mobile devices, you’ll need the following requirements:

  • A Chromecast (first or second generation) connected to a TV, fully configured and connected to the same network as the mobile device;
  • An iOS or Android device that is compatible with Chromecast and with the Google Home app installed, and connected on the same network as Chromecast;
  • Chromecast compatible games.

With all this done, follow the procedure below to be able to mirror games on Chromecast from mobile devices.

Step 1: Install a Chromecast-compatible game on your mobile device. To do so, check out this Google listing. In this tutorial, we are going to use Angry Birds Friends.

Step 2: When running the game, if you meet all the requirements, the broadcast icon will be displayed on the game screen. In the case of Angry Birds Friends, it will be in the upper right corner. Tap this icon to start streaming to Chromecast. In case, you find any issue finding the icon, then you can get in touch with experts.

Step 3: Next, tap the Chromecast name to use it to take the game to the TV and turn the mobile device into a game remote controller.

Step 4: When you connect, the game broadcast icon will be populated internally to show that you are connected to your Chromecast. From now on, you can already start playing by tapping “Play”, or whatever option you use to start a game in the game.

Step 5: When entering the game match, the action will be displayed on the TV and the interaction on the mobile device along with the appropriate instructions. In the case of Angry Birds Friends, a sling is displayed with a statement above it “Drag and release to fling the bird”, and alternatively the “Double tap for menu” instruction is also displayed (double-tap to access the menu).

Step 6: When there is some kind of change or question, a small overlapping area will appear with the options to be chosen.

Ready! Now that you know how to play games on Chromecast from mobile devices, take advantage of the new features and explore the games supported by this feature. If you encounter any problem while streaming games via Chromecast, then you get in touch with Chromecast support facility.

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