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Now Grab the Google Chromecast Ultra for $59 only

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If you are planning to buy a 4K Ultra high definition streaming device or want to change your current streaming device then this is the best for doing all this. Now Google has discounted its wonderful streaming dongle Chromecast Ultra and you can get this streaming device for just $59.

This discount on the Google Chromecast Ultra shows that Google Home is not the only product that has been discounted by the search giant. But yes, the biggest discounts on Google Chromecast Ultra have yet to come. Now you can get this streaming device at the discount of $10 off at its original retailing price at many online and physical retailers. Usually, this streaming dingle retails at $69 but now at present you can get this dongle at just $59.

The Google Chromecast Ultra was launched in the last fall. This dongle was the 4K version of the popular streaming dongle Chromecast from Google. The main difference between Chromecast and Chromecast Ultra is the accumulation of 4k to Chromecast Ultra. Although, Chromecast Ultra comes with an ethernet port and the reason of the addition of this port is that the 4K streaming consumes a lot more data than the usual streaming of 720p or 1080p. Google has also made the Chromecast Ultra wired as for most of the home wi-fi networks it becomes difficult to keep up with the high-quality video stream. This feature will become a very big deal when more and more people will attract towards buying the 4K TVs. But if you already own a 4K Tv, then this wonderful for 4k streaming dongle of Google will be the best pick for you. This Google Chromecast Ultra will be good for you for the one more reason that is its price as it is much cheaper as compared to NVIDIA SHIELD TV. This Tv is the only 4K content alternate available for this Google Chromecast Ultra device right now in the market. Chromecast Ultra is also capable of playing HDR/Dolby vision content if you have a compatible TV.

Now at present you can get the Chromecast Ultra for $59 at Walmart and B&H Photo. It is not clear till what time the discount will continue and till what time the Chromecast will be available at the discounted. But one thing is sure that it will not be for the much long time. So, we would suggest you that it is the time to grab this fantastic 4k streaming dongle of Google.