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Planning To Buy A Streaming Device? Decide Between Chromecast And Chromecast Ultra?

Google Chromecast is among the most favorite streaming devices that people use in today’s world. Google has launched many models of Chromecast with different features to cater to the needs of the people. If you are looking to buy a streaming device, then you may come across a small problem. This problem is related to the selection of Chromecast and Chromecast Ultra. Let us find out which model would suit you in the best way.

Yes, we are talking about Google Chromecast Ultra; this device is all set to hit the market with its super amazing features and upgraded firmware which now supports a wide number of devices including 4K HD display. This means you can now enjoy your favorite stuff in 4K quality. The company also said that it is now easier to setup Chromecast and they are providing better support services regarding the same. Now, the question arises, whether to wait for the new version or to buy the current device. Here are some relevant points which will help you in getting the best for you:

The new Chromecast Ultra supports 4K:

The good news for the 4K TV owners is that the new Chromecast will be supporting 4K video resolution. The stunning picture quality will surely surprise their customers as the company is promising the best ever 4K experience that will perfectly complement your leisure. They also included that the setup procedure is also very easy as compared to the previous one. You can simply get in touch with the support team at Chromecast setup for instant setup procedure help. But, some people may not be benefitted with this 4K feature which will perhaps have nothing to do with their normal HD television.

If your TV does not support 4K then you must think before waiting for the new Chromecast as it would be same as the current version. Make sure that you must clear all the aspects before making any decisions. In other words, it would be better to choose the ancestor version than waiting for the upcoming version. For detailed information regarding the launch of the product and its various features, you can get in touch with the Chromecast Support team and they will help you in getting the best for you.

Ethernet support for internet connectivity:

The latest version of Chromecast also includes Ethernet support. This means you can now easily connect your Chromecast by just simply plugging a LAN cable. This is a great feature as there were a number of instances where users were unable to connect their Chromecast to the internet. Several issues were seen while setting up the device for the first time. To rectify this issue, the company has provided an Ethernet support in the new Chromecast Ultra.

This will enable the users to manage a proper connection to the internet via LAN cables and need not to depend upon low range routers. This will be beneficial for setting up of presentations in a meeting and will eventually connect in a couple of seconds. The company is providing proper Chromecast help on this topic which will help in getting full information about the specification of the new device along with its compatible devices which supports the ultra-high definition 4K display.

Apart from this, the company is also providing promising services for its valuable clients and they can be reached at www Chromecast com setup. It is mandatory that you must make a clear mind about your issue with the device and then get in touch with the customer care service providers. They will help you the best in solving any of your issues that is preventing you to setup the device.

Although the company has not provided any official date of release thus, it is mandatory to wait for the product if you find the features attractive and you have a 4K TV.


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