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Problems With Chromecast? See Five Tips On How To Solve Common Mistakes

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Chromecast is a device that lets you watch movies, photos and stream it quickly and conveniently on your television, without the need for cables. However, some problems may appear in the connection, which gives users headaches. To help, check out five tips from setup to how to reset the Google streaming device to fix the bugs.

  1. Ensure the correct configuration

To ensure the Chromecast works properly, you need to follow all the steps to set up the device on your TV. If you have any questions during setup, check out the following steps.

The process allows you to connect with Wi-Fi from home so it is critical that the network is turned on and working to complete the installation. Also, check if the Internet signal is coming to the TV, and if necessary use the most powerful router or signal repeater, which costs starting at $60.

  1. The Internet does not connect. Try resetting your Chromecast

Even after configuring Chromecast following all the details, the device may have some connection errors. First, it’s worth checking if the problem is not on Wi-Fi by testing on your computer or mobile. If everything is okay and nothing on the Chromecast works, the next way is to restart the machine.

To do this, access the Google Cast app settings from your mobile phone or computer and select “Restart Chromecast.” The unit will turn off and on again on the TV. If none of this works, reset the device by your computer or cell phone. This way you return to the factory format, eliminating possible errors in the middle of the way.

  1. Video transmission locking on TV

Mirroring videos over the cell phone or computer on your Chromecast TV may show crashes. This may be a result of overheating of the media player or low battery, leaving restricted operation, especially on older devices.

If you’re playing a video for a given app, try closing and reopening the app. If you continue with the problem, install a new option: Plex transmits via streaming on your TV videos and photos for free from Android, iOS and Windows Phone. The Chromecast app for Chrome shows the computer screen simply on the TV, also by the device.

If I use Google Cast app mirroring, please quit and restart the screen broadcast. Another detail is to check the speed of the Internet: if it is too weak, then videos can be affected, failed or blocked when loading some movie on Netflix or YouTube.

  1. Error: “No Google Cast device found”

The user who set up the Chromecast correctly and encountered the error “no Google Cast device was found” can take a few steps to try to solve. The most basic and disconnect the connection and the TV and start everything again to try to use streaming.

Note that in the left corner of the TV is an indication of the Wi-Fi connection and if the device is properly configured and ready for use. It’s important to remember that the mobile computer and Chromecast must be on the same Wi-Fi network for streaming to work. Check the Wi-Fi connection, as it is through it that the connection is possible with the TV: test on the computer or mobile device access.

If it does not resolve, try disconnecting from VPN or proxy server if necessary. That’s because Chromecast does not connect using these networks. Another factor that may be generating an error is the computer’s firewall or antivirus software, denying access to the device. If necessary, add an exception for the Chromecast app on your PC.

Formats that Chromecast supports

Chromecast supports multiple, but not all, video, photo, and song formats. So, if you are trying to play some media and are experiencing the error, see what formats the player can play: BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, WEBP, and AAC, MP3 media. MP4, WAV, WebM, H.264 video codecs, Vp8, HE-AAC audio codecs, AAC LC, MP3, Vorbis, WAV AC-3 and E-AC-3.

If you need to stream a video of another format, such as RMVB or VOB, the way is to convert the media and then use the streaming service. To help, check out the list of converters, with free options and simple to use. One way is also to use a mobile or computer application that can read and use codecs for these media extensions.



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