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Rumors about Chromecast Ultra-its release date and price

chromecast ultra

Chromecast has been an amazing device when it comes to streaming and now there are rumors that Google will be coming up with its new chromecast known as Chromecast Ultra which will support 4K content.

Chromecast has been Google’s revolutionary device which has provided enormous sales figure to Google. Chromecast is the most popular device among the people and its chromecast set up is an easy task which can be performed by anyone. Google just launched its Chromecast2 stick which has 4K video support. Here we will keep you up to date with information regarding Chromecast 4K and when it will be released and at what price according to the rumors.

What is Chromecast ?

So first of all let us make people who are not aware of this phenomenal device aware about what is chromecast. Chromecast is simply a streaming device which when plugged into HDMI port of the TV allows you to watch content on a bigger screen which is sent by smartphones, laptops and tablets once successful completion of chromecast. The first model came in 2013 and last year Google updated it o it is expected that a new 4K compatible version will come before Christmas this year.

However, Google has confirmed that they will confirm organize a press event on 4th Oct which will be held at 9am PDT and will hopefully announce the chromecast 4K along with their several other products such as smartphones and a new Nexus 7 tablet built by Huawei.

Price of Chromecast Ultra:

So far there were no price details were discussed but according to the some rumors, it was defined that it will cost $69 which is almost double of current Chromecast 2 at that time. The new model will cost around £69.99.

What were the expectations from 4K Chromecast:

The new upgraded version of Chromecast  have the ability to stream 4K content and this puts the Chromecast 4K in a rare position as very few TV sticks and set top box offers Ultra HD content.

Because for this, you will need a TV that supports 4K Ultra –HD but a chromecast will detect the maximum resolution and match it according to the content. New chromecast work as a HD device.

There was not much information available in regards to any additional features and every body anticipating that the Wi-Fi capabilities and radio antennas will be improved to meet the demand of the 4K streaming.

What will be the new Chromecast called:

First they were not sure about the new name of Chromecast then Google came up with the name as Chromecast Ultra on Market. And then on the Event which was on 4th October, Google has finally revealed the chromecast ultra with its well defined structure and features.

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