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Some simple fixes for Chromecast not working with WiFi

chromecast with wifi

Google Chromecast is one of the key players in the category of streaming devices in the market. While heading to stream your favorite, if you face any issue while connecting to the WiFi, then check out the following fixes to have the error-free streaming experience.

  • Factory data reset (FDR)

The simplest fix for the problem is to reset the Chromecast back to the factory defaults completely. Even, this will also not remove any app data. This signifies that the Chromecast number will get change and you will also have to head via the setup process again.

Just head to hold down the button on the back side of your Chromecast dongle for around 25 seconds. Once the screen of the TV goes blank, then you can wait to remove its memory. Using another device during the second attempt can be a good idea.

  • Resetting the router/modem

Just turn off and delink the modem and router from the power. After that wait for around 10 seconds and then relink the power before turning them back on. Now, just wait for 30 seconds to 1 minute before heading to link the Chromecast again.

  • Using an extender

The Chromecast came with a small HDMI extender cable. It’s a stiff cable, which can make the Chromecast to stick back out of the TV. The main reason to link the cable is to give the Chromecast a little more breathing room to search out the Wi-Fi networks. The room for getting the signals passed is quite difficult in televisions, Even, there is not a big problem; it will be a good idea to use on the off chance to enhance the streaming speeds.

  • Moving the router

If the router is kept in a distant area of the house, or there is such an angle that it is very difficult to get your Chromecast, then it may be the time to move it quickly. Well, you can also get a separate Wi-Fi router or Wi-Fi extender to place near the Chromecast.

  • Updating the firmware of the router, if required

At the time of heading to the router’s settings menu, there could be a notification about the firmware update. If you get it, then just tap on it. And if you don’t get any favorable results, then also you can get at least better the network security from the external barriers.

  • Ensure that the network is on 2.4Ghz

The Wi-Fi networks operate on two frequency bands: 2.4GHz and 5GHz. Chromecast only works on the 2.4GHz. This situation could be annoying for you, but the silver lining means that 2.4GHz is the superior of the two options for any streaming device, as its lower frequency plays a key role at penetrating solid objects.

Now, just head to the router settings and then check which frequency it is working on. If it has got the multiple lineups of options, then you will have to choose the 2.4Ghz one for the Chromecast.

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