Steps to follow if your Chromecast not working on Presto


More and more people are streaming content rather than traditionally downloading it from the net and keeping this scenario in mind Google came up with this streaming dongle called “Google chromecast”.

Chromecast is a phenomenal streaming device which just connect to your TV via a HDMI cable lets you stream your favorite content all you need a Chromecast download to get it working. However, sometimes you might experience some issues regarding the image and interference like your chromecast won’t work on Presto app when you are watching your content.

However, sometimes many factors hamper the performance of Chromecast devices like router, device proximity, router setting, internet connection and electrical interference.

Hang on! Is your mind boggling with a lot of technical queries so let’s discuss them one by one here.

Preliminary steps:

This option is quick and easy and effective simply reboot or restart your device and this will create a fresh start for your device and it will start playing Presto.

Device Proximity:

Ensure that your iPad or Android tablet/smartphones are in close proximity to your chromecast device while casting of the content otherwise casting signal will become weak and you won’t be able to cast.

Router Proximity:

The distance between your chromecast and your router effects the quality of Wi-Fi. Make sure your router has a long range or it is placed in close proximity with your chromecast. You can also use HDMI extender to combat this issue.

Router Compatibility:

Google has tested many routers which are compatible with its chromecast device on their default setting. Check Google’s Router Compatibility Guide to check your required settings.

Potential Electrical Interference:

Various electrical appliances causes inference while you are streaming such as hairdryers, microwaves etc. So, ensure that you unplug them until you finished watching your desired film or show.

If the issues still persist take the help of technicians who will provide you full resolution of your problem.

For further troubleshooting support around casting, compatibility, errors or setup, head to Google’s Chromecast Troubleshooting Centre.