Stream Kodi To Your TV With The Help Of Chromecast And Smartphone Device

chrome cast setup

Through a smartphone, you can send Kodi to the big screen in two different methods. Both the methods are easy and quick. The first one will suck less battery of your device than the second one.

Now, we are going to discuss both the methods to Stream kodi via smartphone.

Method 1: Battery Saver method

This method is a bit difficult to configure on your device but it consumes less power of your system. We prefer this method if you want to stream via Chromecast setup. After configuring this method on your phone, you will be able to stream the contents even when your phone is locked. You will be able to perform multitasking on your phone with this method.

  1. Install the three important apps on your android phone
  • Kodi: If you are an Android user, then you can easily download and install the Kodi app from the play store but if you are an iPhone user, then you won’t be able to download this app due to host issue.
  • Local cast: We recommend you download this app for casting purpose because this app consumes less battery of your phone.
  • ES file explorer: You can download any file manager on your smartphone but ES file manager is best and easy to use with the Google com Chromecast setup.
  1. Download .XML factory file on your smartphone: The purpose of this file is to connect the kodi to the video player connected externally. You can download this file from the official Kodi home page.
  2. Copy the downloaded .XML file to Kodi folder:
  • Launch ES File Explorer
  • You will find three vertical lines on the left top. Click on them and go to ‘Settings’.
  • Tap on ‘Show hidden files’ under ‘Display Settings’.
  • Copy the downloaded file from the download folder to ES file explorer.
  • Go to user data of kodi and paste the file there.
  1. Launch Kodi and play video: Start playing video after launching Kodi app on your device. Your smartphone will communicate the information to Chromecast device and the Chromecast will forward the information to the TV If any casting app is already installed, then Android will prompt you to select any one to use.
  2. Choose your TV in the Local cast: After Google Chrome cast setup, Select the TV from the list of devices connected and then press OK to start streaming contents on it.
  3. Minimize the app and enjoy the movie: Now you can lock the phone screen and enjoy the movie seamlessly till the end. To adjust the volume or change the channel, you need to unlock the phone screen.

Method 2: The screen mirroring method

This method and easy to use but it will finish the android battery quickly. The steps to use screen mirroring feature of your smartphone are discussed here as under:

  1. Install Kodi and Google Cast: You can install both the apps from Google play store or you can also install the Google Cast from www Chromecast com setup
  2. Launch Google cast and select ‘Cast screen’.
  • Hit the three horizontal lines.
  • Click ‘cast screen’ option.
  • Click to acknowledge the warning message being displayed on the screen.
  1. Select TV: Your Chromecast will find your HDTV automatically so you need to wait for some minutes till the display accommodates according to the smartphone
  2. Open Kodi and play video: You can now start streaming Kodi contents on the TV

If your phone gets locked or you get a call during this time, then the movie will stop streaming. In case, you find any problem, you can call at Chromecast support number provided on the home page.

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