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Rumors about Chromecast Ultra-its release date and price

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chromecast ultra

Chromecast has been an amazing device when it comes to streaming and now there are rumors that Google will be coming up with its new chromecast known as Chromecast Ultra which will support 4K content. Chromecast has been Google’s revolutionary device which has provided enormous sales figure to Google. Chromecast is the most popular device […]

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How VLC Player can be streamed to Chromecast?

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Chormecast with VLC

VLC Player might always be the best free way to see the DVDs and media files on your computer and Android phone. However, if you are using it as your default player, then you must be known to the fact that it doesn’t support Chromecast Set Up or Android or computer currently. But, you need […]


Follow these steps and make your Chromecast more powerful

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Run your vision to below wordings and those who are scuffling with the setup procedure can visit Chromecast Comsetup, so they can grab the accurate steps. Google has entirely changed the game with Chromecast. Gone are the days where you’re required to download a file on your computer, link an HDMI cable from your TV to […]