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Taking Google Chromecast to the Next Level

chromecast setup

If you are very much impressed with your Chromecast and planning to cut the cord forever, then again you taking a smart move.

But the thing you may not be aware that your tiny Chromecast can do much more things than simply streaming the videos. We will tell you the clever hacks for your Chromecast and make your experience with Chromecast even better. Don’t worry your Chromecast Setup will be same.

Use Backdrop to Display Customized News Headlines

The feature of backdrop was introduced by Google in 2014. If you are doing nothing with your Chromecast and TV, then use backdrop to stream and display content on the screen. It will be like screensaver on your laptop or PC.

Although you will have lot of content to display but the News Headlines are the best choice. Also, it is the best way to stay updated with latest happenings, that too without checking your phone in every 5 minute.

The Backdrop will draw headlines from Play Newsstand app. You must make sure that you have downloaded this app on your Chromecast Comsetup. For turning on the news headlines open Google Home app > Settings > Backdrop > Play Newsstand.

Preview Program Signup

The Chromecast preview program gives you the direct access to the current updates before they are available publicly. In exchange google will ask for the feedback also.

For this program, you can sign up from Google Home app. Then you must find the card that you want to enrol > Settings > Preview program >join program. If this option is not available. It means that the program is not accepting new members. www Google Com Chromecast Setup will give you more information about this program.

Night Usage of Headphones

If want to see your favorite program at night without disturbing anyone in the house, then take help from your Chromecast. Confused!! Don’t worry we will tell you. You can do this by using a third-party app called Local Cast for Chromecast. This app will help you in plugging your headphones into your phone or tablet. You will get audio through your device but video on your TV screen.

Creating a Playlist for Party

here are many ways of creating and sharing music playlists but they are not suitable for real time editing. But your Chromecast can be used with YouTube to create a playlist for your party. You just must tap the cast icon in the right-hand corner at the top rather than choosing Play Now.

Turning on the TV with Your Smartphone

You can operate your Chromecast with our smartphone or tablet but for TV you need a remote and that too for turning on your TV. If your Chromecast is powered from a wall socket rather than a USB port on your TV, then you only need to start the streaming of a video to turn on your TV.

Guest Mode

If you will enable the guest mode on your device, then anyone can stream video from their device directly just by entering a PIN number. To turn this feature on, go to Google Home app > find your device > Settings > Guest mode.

Making Presentations

You can make your presentations with the help of your Chromecast. You just must make sure that your presentation is saved in Google Slides format. Then tap the Present button in the top right hand corner of the slide app.

Make Your Home Theater with Kodi

It’s not easy to use Kodi with IOS or Apple TV. But yes, you can use it with Android. Kodi has the full featured official app in Google Play Store. Just open Google Home app to cast the screen of your device and you can watch Kodi content immediately on your TV. Use Chromecast Help for more information on connecting Kodi with Chromecast.