Using Chromecast To Turn The TV On And Off

chromecast set up

Did you know that Chromecast has the power to turn off or on your TV? If no, then today, we will be discussing this particular aspect because it is possible to use Chromecast to turn the TV off and on, then it would lead to much more convenience especially when you don’t have the energy to stand up and turn off or on the TV.

The user can use Chromecast to turn the TV on or off in their home. The procedure is done with the help of Google Assistant and voice commands through your Android phone or iPhone (iOS). In the following tutorial, Chromecast Helpline shows you the step-by-step how to control the TV through Google’s dongle.

It is worth remembering that the tips, although they have been reproduced on Chromecast 2, are also useful for the first generation of the device.

Step 1. Most TVs cut off power to the USB ports when they are turned off, which in turn also disconnects any accessories connected to them. Therefore, if you have connected your Chromecast to one of the USB ports on your TV, the first step is to plug it in – preferably using the adapter that comes in the dongle box.

Step 2. After completing the previous step, go to your smartphone and go to Google Assistant. If you do not have the app installed, remember that it can be downloaded for free on Android or iOS (iPhone) devices.

Step 3. Finally, with the Wizard already open, ask your Chromecast to turn it on or off. When this is done, the TV connected to it must also be switched on (or off, if compatible with this particular command) automatically with the accessory.

Step 4. If the command is not answered (if the wizard responds with a Google search, for example), you may need to look at the name you gave the Chromecast at the time of your configuration. If you didn’t get this step, then take help of Chromecast help and support.

In these cases, if the accessory was dubbed “Room Chromecast,” you should give the “Turn on the Chromecast Room” command for the request to be honored.

Ready! Once you’ve completed all the steps above, you already know everything you need to turn your TV on and off with the help of Chromecast and Google Assistant. Remember, however, that the functionality of the commands also depends on which smartphone or tablet you are using to connect to the same Wi-Fi network as the dongle.

Many users who have been using Chromecast for past several years were not aware of this particular capability of the device, but now that they have got to know about it, they will certainly be using it in the future.

If you too have performed the aforementioned steps, but due to some reason, the feature has not been activated on your Chromecast, then you can take help of Chromecast Helpline. Only experts can assist you with the process of activating this feature, so don’t hesitate to take their help.

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