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What’s The Difference Between Screen Mirroring And Casting?

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Can you imagine displaying your tablet or phone stuff to the big screen with a single click? This is possible if you have heard about Screen mirroring, casting or streaming functions. The functioning of these terms is different from each other. Today, in this post, we will discuss the difference between screen mirroring and casting through media streaming device.

In simple terms, both screen mirroring and media streaming performs the same function that is to cast the content on the projector from small screens. It can be laptop, phone or computer. The technology used in both the functions is different.

The main difference between screen mirroring and media streaming is that the way of transmitting the content on the big screen is different from both technology.

In screen mirroring, a wireless or wired connection is established between the computer screen and projector whereas in media streaming a content is shared via digital players like Roku and Chromecast.

Screen mirroring and streaming

As we have discussed above, the main difference between the two is the way of streaming content on the big screen. Apart from this, Screen mirroring as the name implies uses a mirror to source the content to the display. Whatever is appearing on your mobile screen, the same will appear on the projector screen. In media streaming device, your content is transferred via a media player.

Screen mirroring

 In screen mirroring, you connect your device to the same network to which your streaming device is connected. You can connect it wirelessly or through the wire.

Wired screen mirroring

This is a type of screen mirroring. Faithful HDMI cable is the best example of this type of mirroring. In this mirroring, an information is transferred to the TV screen through HDMI cable connected to the source device. The information gets transferred in the form of 0’s and 1’s.

Media streaming/casting

This is a term used to receive content online from a device like Chromecast. There is a number of media players available in the market from Amazon fire stick to Apple TV. A popular among these is Google Chromecast Setup. It is a media streaming player which can play content on your TV screen by sourcing it online. This device is connected to the TV with HDMI cable. For internet connection, you can either use Ethernet cable or connect it wirelessly.

So what Chromecast do? It fetches the content online and displays them on your TV screen. Media streaming is quite easy and predictable in nature because there are no self-movements or operations performed accidently in it. Due to this fact, the latency of media player is far better if compared to mirroring.

Media players often provide better compression and encoding. You can easily feel the difference while watching a movie through screen mirroring and media streaming device. You will find inconsistencies while watching through screen mirroring whereas no such things can be reported in media streaming.

The Chromecast is like a pen drive connected to HDMI port of your TV. It downloads the content from the network and streams the same on TV. If you want to watch the content of your browser, you can do so by installing Chromecast plugin in your browser. To cast content from your phone, you need to install Google cast app on it. This app is available on all app stores.

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