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When Do You Need To Buy A New Or Upgrade Old Chromecast?

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Actually released in 2013, the then Chromecast was available for $35. This product was simple and easy to use. Its excellent app support provides exceptional viewing experience to the users. People used to watch YouTube, Netflix, and another popular video through the Chromecast device.

Later in 2015, Google released an updated version of Chromecast to turn dumb TV to smart. Later on, in the year 2016, Google came out with Chromecast ultra. This was totally a new line of product at that time. It cost for $69.

Now, after getting all those versions in mind, you might be thinking of the upgrade of your first generation Chromecast. If you have not purchased this device yet, then you may be confused with 2nd generation Chromecast and Ultra model.

We are now going to shed light on specs and features available in new models of the Chromecast media player.

Difference between First Generation, Second Generation, and Ultra

Instead of getting into details, we are going to mention significant features with you. The main difference between them is the use of a processor in it. Other differences include the physical changes and practical features.

In all 3 models, you can play Full HD content. All 3 have HDMI support. All 3 are based on Google cast platform. You can access same apps for all three Google Chromecast products.

These devices are powered by MicroSD adapter. If you are going with Ultra model, then Ethernet supported cable adapter comes with it.

Networking support: Google Chromecast 2nd generation and Chromecast ultra support 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, bands. The actual Chromecast otherwise doesn’t support wireless connectivity but only 2.4 GHz band.

Ultra-model supports 4K and HDR video playback format. In this post, we didn’t stress much about hardware specs. There is a tiny difference in the speeds of all Chromecast models. If you are going to watch a movie of 2 hours, then it hardly differs by 2 seconds on different models.

Keeping these features in mind, let’s decide whether there is any need to upgrade your Chromecast or is it worth to buy a new product.

When you can or cannot upgrade?

There are clear-cut situations under which you can consider upgrading Chromecast. If any of the below-mentioned conditions apply to you, then you can upgrade your model.

I want to use 2.4 GHz wireless band where TV is located in the bad area: If you find that the Chromecast is placed in such a location where 2.4 GHz band is congested, then you need to upgrade the model to a higher version. The higher version must support 5 GHz wireless connection.

Planning to purchase a 4K capable TV in the coming future: Number of content available online is mostly in 1080p. If you are having 4K TV and want to stream quality higher than 1080, then you need Chromecast Ultra.

If you don’t have 4K HDTV at this point in time, then you need to consider buying it. It is best time to purchase $70 Chromecast ultra than purchasing $ 35, second gen Chromecast.


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