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Why Chromecast Restarts Abruptly At Times And How To Fix This Problem?

chromecast setup issues

The Chromecast users almost have smooth and trouble-free experience with this streaming device but whenever it acts in an inappropriate manner then the liking towards it goes directly unusable from the flawless experience. There are some issues that can be easily resolved but some create a huge problem. These are not easily fixed.

The ease of using Chromecast with the computer pleases the users. They can simply attach it with the help of extension and play the contents from computer to the TV.

If you are also one of them who is frustrated with the repetitive issue then don’t worry now, we have brought a solid solution to your problem in this blog post. Go through the following points in order to resolve the problem of the automatic restart. The following tricks and tips will definitely help you in improving the experience with Chromecast. You need to setup Chromecast first to enjoy the seamless services.

  1. Check the power supply: If the restart happens in the endless loop then this is the result of poor power supply from the input. Most of us use the USB port of our TV to power our Chromecast. Actually, this is not the exact way if we speak in terms of the original power source.

Whenever the power goes off in the HDTV the Chromecast also switched off with this as USB receives no power from the input. When the power resumes the whole process of restart for Chromecast starts and it takes time to update whole drivers as well as software every time. Secondly, if you are having basic or cheaper models of HDTV then it may supply unsteady power to the Chromecast. You will have to perform Chromecast setup in the right way to get a step closer to watching your favorite content through Chromecast.

The first step to troubleshoot this problem is connecting the Chromecast to the wall current for power supply through the adapter.

If this also does not solve your problem then replace the USB cord as well as an adapter. You can also try with your cell phone charger. These are of equal energy ratings. Downloading Google Chromecast from the internet helps you to access the apps under the Chromecast app platform. Try to purchase the high-quality products rather than saving bucks on it because these are the core requirements for Chromecast working.

  1. Factory reset: This is another solution to your problem. The spontaneous restart also happens due to the problem in the operating system. You need to perform the factory reset on If you have Chromecast app on your mobile then you can do from there otherwise you can do it manually also from the Chromecast itself. You can know more about accessing Chromecast app on your smartphone via www Chromecast com setup link.

If the Chromecast keeps on sticking permanently and the unplugging from the power source does not solve the issue then there is a problem with the firmware or recent update files may be corrupted.

You can solve this issue then by hard or soft reset. To get started: hold the button on your Chromecast for 20 seconds unless you see the light blinking. If you want more help regarding it then you can get it from Chromecast help manual.

If the power source option and factory reset option both does not solve your blackout problem then it would be better to replace your Chromecast if it is under warranty. Reason being, some models may encounter a problem due to manufacturing defects. These are not easily diagnosed or fixed. You can go to Chromecast support link from your web browser to read more about the common errors and solutions to these errors. There are certain policies and guidelines that you must read from here before going to exchange your Chromecast. The period of warranty otherwise limited to 90 days from the date of purchase.

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